I paint with watercolours on a non adsorbent paper called Yupo, I love the way the paint has to evaporate by various means to work it's magic. It is impossible to treat this material like normal watercolour paper. Without doubt, it can have a mind of it's own. It can be a challenging surface to paint on with watercolour and I enjoy this challenge.


Inspiration is always from reality although the finished works are often more lyrical and abstract in nature. I like to combine fun, texture, illusion and atmosphere in my work and I find inspiration everywhere.


I explore textures and colours in my work looking for the multi faceted tones and expressions found in layering and blending. I am also trained in traditional oil painting. These two styles of art are completely different and allow for some crossing over of techniques which results in some fascinating and interesting directions. In a previous life I studied graphic design and then had an interior design company which was London based.


I have exhibited in London, Lisbon Portugal, Charleston, South Carolina and Devon.